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Herbal Aqua Feed supplements:

In   today’s  aquaculture  scenario,  feed  alone  will  not  suffice  quality  and increased  yield.  There are  number  of  factors which  result  in  lower yields  like  high  density, quality  of  water , quality  of  feed  itself  and  other environmental  factors like  temperature.  Salinity,  dissolved  oxygen  content  of  the  water.  The water source itself  could  be  a problem.

Apart  from  the  above, outbreak of  disease,  environmental  conditions  like  rain,  excessive  heat,  floods, entry  of  predatory  fish ,  unwanted algal bloom etc. also  account  for  loss of  production . These  factors  cause  several  problems like  stress  in animals,  under  feeding  ( even  through  the  feed is given regularly )  leading to  low  FCR.  Use  of  antibiotics  and chemicals  though  help  alleviate  problem,  could  cause hepato toxicity  to the  farm animals  leading  to production loss.

To  counter  these  problems and  get and economically viable  production,  one  need  to give  a proper  feed supplement, which can  take care  of  over all  health  of  aquatic  animals  and  give them  strength  to  withstand  and  cope  with  the  environmental changes, without  affecting  the  growth  and minimizing  the  wastage  of   feed.



Salient features

How  CIFAQUA  is  different  : 

●  The  immunity  levels  improve  to  a  great  extent  and thus optimizes  body resistance  and  growth.  Ultimately,  livability  increases and  so, survival  rate.

●  The  Prawn /  fish  is  not  only  more  healthier  but  can  also  withstand  hot summers   much  better. Reduces  post  molting mortality  in  prawns.

●  It  optimizes  efficiency  of  hepatopancreas  and  thus  normalizes  physiology,

    digestion,  feed  intake,  etc and  thus  improves  weight  again.

●  It minimizes  stress in general  and disease  out  break  thus  minimizing  the  losses.

●  As  the  harvesting  time  is cut  down  by 10-15  days,  there  is  not  only saving in  the  feed  cost,  but  also  other  management  costs.

●  It  has  been  observed  that  prawns  gain extra 3-4 gms  weight in  shorter time  and  ensures  uniform  growth.

●  As  the  feed  is  better  consumed  ( FCR ), the  accumulation of  wastes  at  the

    bottom  of  the  ponds  is  reduced  drastically.

Usage /  Dosage  :

This  fine  powder  has to be  given twice  a  day  ( morning  and evening )  along with  the  feed from  day  1  of  the  culture.

This  can be  blended  to  feed-either  by  using  fish  oil  or binder ( which  is supplied  along with the  pack ) it  has  to be  ensured  that all  powder  sticks  to  the  feed  and  shade dry  for  30 min  before  broadcasting.

Shrimp  :  Less  than 30 days :  1 gms / kg  feed ( 1 Kg/ MT  feed )

After  30 days  till  harvest      :  2 gms / kg  feed ( 3 Kg/ MT  feed )

Fish                                               :  2 Kg / MT  feed ( 1000 Kgs ).



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